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The Township staff receives many inquiries about various Township related information. We thought some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers would be helpful to our residents. The FAQ's are separated by their department/category below:

As always, please feel free to call the Township staff with any questions you may have about O'Hara.

General Township Questions

  1. Does the Township provide my water service? No, there are two main water authorities that provide service to most areas of the Township. Fox Chapel Authority provides service to almost all of the east side and portions of the west side of the Township. Hampton Township Municipal Authority provides service to most of the remaining areas on the west side of the Township.
  2. Is the Waterworks Mall in O'Hara Township? No, the Waterworks Mall is actually located in the City of Pittsburgh on property that was once part of the City's water retention system.
  3. Is the Veterans' Hospital located in O'Hara? Yes, the majority of the H. John Heinz III VA Progressive Care Center is located in O'Hara.
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  1. What are the park hours? From May 1 to October 31 hours are Sunrise to 10 pm; from November 1 through April 30 – Sunrise to Dark
  2. When can O'Hara Township residents rent park shelters or the gazebo? The Township will accept permit applications from Township residents no more than one year in advance of the desired date. This means if you are planning an event for August 4, 2017 you can apply for the shelter permit on August 5, 2016.
  3. Where do I go to rent a park shelter or the gazebo? You must come to the Township office to check the calendars for available dates. If the date you want is available, you may then complete the application and pay any fees/deposits.
  4. How long is my shelter rental? When you rent the gazebo or a shelter, you have access to it for the hours that the park is open the day of rental.
  5. Is the shelter at George J. Sacco Park available for rent? No, the shelter at Sacco Park is available on a first come, first serve basis. The gazebo and shelters at Squaw Valley, Meadow and Woodland Parks are available on a rental basis.
  6. How long is the trail at Squaw Valley Park? The loop trail around the park is 7/10 of a mile. If you want to go a full mile, continue to the trail entrance at the Mews and back.
  7. May my dog be off-leash in Township parks? No, the Township has a leash law and it is unlawful for any owner of dogs (or cats) to permit the animal to run at large anywhere in the Township, including the parks. Dog owners are also required to cleanup after their pets. Clean up stations with pick-up bags are provided in the parks.
  8. What activities are permitted on the tennis court at Squaw Valley Park? The tennis court is for racquet sports only with appropriate athletic footwear as per Township Ordinance. No dogs, rollerblades, bikes, scooters or other non-racquet activities are permitted.

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Community Development

  1. When do I need to get a Building Permit?   Most people realize that building permits are required for new home construction or additions but do not realize that building permits are also required for many smaller projects. These projects include, but are not limited to, interior or exterior alteration projects, fences, decks, sheds, retaining walls, swimming pools and hot tubs. If you are planning any type of construction, make sure you or your contractor contact the Township early in the planning stages to determine exactly what will be required for your project. Construction may be halted if the proper permits are not obtained prior to beginning a project.
  2. Are permits required to cut down a tree? As long as the tree is on your property and you are not “timbering” (logging or harvesting trees for their timber value) the Township does not require you to have a permit to cut down a tree.

Please contact the Township Building/Code Enforcement Department at 412-782-1400 or e-mail with any concerns or questions you may have regarding construction projects or building permits.

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Information on the O'Hara Township website is provided as a service to the community. Township rules and regulations are subject to change and the information on this web site should be considered as general guidance only. While the Township attempts to post current and useful information, not all information may be complete, accurate or up to date. In general, inquiries (including reference to official documents) can and should be made to the Township before proceeding with plans or programs.
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