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The Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) is informing residents in O'Hara Township of a raccoon that tested positive for rabies. The raccoon was found close to Ruth S. Weir Park on Saxonburg Boulevard..

"We strongly advise residents to steer clear of wild and stray animals, especially those in O'Hara Township in the area where the rabid raccoon was found," said Health Department Director, Dr. Karen Hacker. "If residents see any animal that appears to be acting strange or becomes threatening, they should notify their local animal control service, the police or the Pennsylvania Game Commission immediately."

Please click here to see the County's complete press release.


Senator Randy Vulakovich and Representative Hal English are once again sponsoring their Senior Expo.

The Expo features a variety of informational booths geared toward senior citizens and their families and caregivers. Exhibitors include state and federal agencies and local non-profit organizations that provide services affecting the health, safety and welfare of senior citizens.

The Expo will be held on Friday, September 29 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Allison Park Church located at 2326 Duncan Avenue, Allison Park.

For more information call 412-487-6600 or 412-487-6605 or see Senator Vulakovich's website .

Receive Messages via Text or E-Mail

The Township of O'Hara has been using a communications service that allows important community information to be sent directly to residents using the latest technology.

The Nixle Community Information Service allows us to deliver messages to subscribed residents instantly via cell phone text message and/or email. Notifications can also be accessed online at Nixle's website at

Messages may include meeting changes, traffic congestion, relevant safety issues or community event information. The service is reliable and its use is free. There is NO spam and NO hidden cost.

Residents can decide from which local agencies they wish to receive information. Subscribers can also choose the way in which alerts are received, whether it is by email, text message, or over the web. Visit for more information or to register for this new service.
Information on the O'Hara Township website is provided as a service to the community. Township rules and regulations are subject to change and the information on this web site should be considered as general guidance only. While the Township attempts to post current and useful information, not all information may be complete, accurate or up to date. In general, inquiries (including reference to official documents) can and should be made to the Township before proceeding with plans or programs.