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Ordinance No. 1074 - Display of Address Numbers on Buildings

Ordinance No. 1074 Requiring the Display of Address Numbers on Buildings was adopted by Township Council on July 10, 2001. The ordinance requires all property owners to display the street address number on their residence or business. Specifications require address numbers to be displayed on buildings as follows:

  • In Arabic numerals and/or alphabet numbers.
  • A minimum height of four inches for one and two family dwellings, a minimum height of six inches for all other buildings.
  • Mounted in secure fashion to the front wall or porch of the building so as to be clearly visible from both directions from the street.
  •  Sufficiently legible in contrasting background, arrangement, spacing and uniformity so as to be clearly visible from both directions from the street.
  • Affixed at least 30 inches above the ground.
  • If numbers affixed to the front of a building would not be clearly visible from the street, the requirements of this ordinance may be satisfied if the owner permanently affixes the assigned address number that complies with the ordinance upon a post, rod, mailbox or other similar fixture at or near the street so that such numbers are clearly visible from the street from both directions upon which the building fronts.
These rules will assist the police, fire and EMS personnel in finding your home or business in case of an emergency.
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