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Roads: 40.42 mi.
Sanitary Sewer Lines: 59.54 mi.
Fire Protection: Volunteer Companies - 2
Stations - 2
Recreation: Parks/Open Spaces - 17
Total Acreage - 177

Township Demographic and Miscellaneous Statistics

Date of Incorporation: 1875
Form of Government: Council-Manager, Home Rule
Population: 8,407
% of Population age 65+: 20.5%
Area of Township: 7.33 sq. mi.
Education: Fox Chapel School District
Six Schools
Enrollment of O'Hara Students - 1,223
Housing: Total Housing Units - 3,381
Average persons per household - 2.70
Median Housing Value - $179,500
Average Year Housing Unit Built - 1958
Percentage Owner Occupied - 92.2%
Employees: Full-time - 34
Part-time - 3
Source - 2010 U.S. Census, Township Community Development files
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