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Tax Information

Jordan Tax Service Inc. is theTownship of O'Hara's tax collector for current and delinquent Real Estate Tax as well as current and delinquent Local Services Tax (LST).

Jordan Tax Service can be reached by phone at 412-345-7964 or on-line at Their address is 102 Rahway Road, McMurray, PA 15317-3349.

Keystone Collection Group is the current and delinquent Earned Income Tax (EIT) collector.

Keystone can be reached by phone at 1-866-539-1100, their Taxpayer Helpline is 1-888-328-0565 or find them on-line at Their address is 546 Wendel Road, Irwin, PA 15642.

Please click here to access all available tax forms.

The citizens of O'Hara Township pay both Real Estate taxes and Earned Income taxes.

Real Estate taxes are paid to the Township, Allegheny County and Fox Chapel Area School District. Real estate taxes are based on the assessed value of your home as established by Allegheny County and a millage rate passed by each taxing body.

Earned Income Tax is paid to both the School District and the Township. This tax is paid on a resident's earned income. The tax rate is passed by each taxing body as a percentage of earned income. Per State law, the School District percentage may not exceed .5%. The Township’s percentage is not capped as O’Hara is a Home Rule Community.

The tax burden for both Real Estate and Earned Income to a resident of O'Hara Township is presented below:

Sample Taxpayer:
Median Earned Income: $89,375
Median Home Value: $218,900

School Real Estate Tax Rate 0.019575
School Real Estate Taxes $4,284.97
School Real Estate Taxes (less $187.97 Homestead exclusion) $4,097.00
Allegheny County Tax Rate 0.00473
Allegheny County Real Estate Taxes (less $85 Homestead exclusion) $1,035.40
Township Real Estate Tax Rate 0.0021
Township Real Estate Taxes $459.69
Real Estate Tax Rates by Taxing Authority: Millage
Township of O'Hara 2.100
Fox Chapel School District 19.575
Allegheny County 4.730

Earned Income Rate (Township.8%, School .5%) 1.3%
Earned Income Tax $1,162.88





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